AirBoom has a various options available to suit your needs. Suppose you are prospecting in-person and your prospects agree to sign up or purchase a product.

You have the below 4 easy steps;

Steps 1: Get them to fill up the manual order form (this will get them to act upon agreeing). Download here
Steps 2: Collect the payment from them.
Steps 3: Give the payment to the nearest e-Center to register/create Purchase Order online and ensuring issue of electronic Invoice, ID, Password, and product claim code (myscb no).
Steps 4: Present your product claim code ( myscb no) to the nearest distribution point ( eStockist) to claim your products.

If prospects visit the companyís homepage and try to sign up, the system would request for introducerís ID, Your prospect can sign up by entering your ID# as Introducer / Sponsor.