Ion NanoGuard - Anti-Radiation Chip 负离子电话贴

Ion NanoGuard02


Cell Phone

Cell Phone

Cell Phone

Four Main Functions
-Able to filter off 90% of electro-magnetic wave.
-To reduce heat and converted heat energy recharges mobile phone battery
-Better reception in weak reception areas.
-Prevents other frequencies interference.
1.Mobile Phone
-Stick nanoGuard on the back of the phone.

2.Television & Computer
-Stick nanoGuard at any corner of the television or computer’s monitor screen.

3.Microwave Oven and Hair Dryer
-Stick nanoGuard on the edge of the door.
The nanoGuard consists of more than 60 types of rare elements manufactured using it unique nano- Formula Technology (NFT). The intensity of the electro-magnetic waves emitted by mobile phones is between 30MHZ-5GHZ microwave range. The physic effect of the nanoGuard is to neutralize electro-magnetic wave which will damages human brain caused by magnetic waves. The layers inside of the nanoGuard is able to neutralize and stability frequencies and filter-sound wave as well as other interferences effectively. To increase the intensity of high frequency sound wave during reception. The common insulation materials available in the market are only able to insulate against interference of sound waves, the quality and effectiveness of reception however is much reduced.


1.Suitable for all types of mobile phones, computer monitors, microwave ovens, electro-magnetic ovens, hair dryer, and all electronic devices.
2.Clean the surface where the nanoGuard is to be paste.
3.Paste the nanoGuard anywhere on the back of mobile phone either vertically or horizontally.
4.Make sure the nanoGuard is tightly pasted on the devices and no gaps is between to ensure effectiveness.

The negative effects of using mobile phone
The negative effects of using mobile phone
In the United State, lawsuits are being filed by patients with brain tumor caused by excessive use of mobile phone. Report of University of Texas showed that the risk of contracting brain tumor for those in the transportation, telecommunication and power supply industries who are constantly exposed to electro-magnetic wave are 13 times higher than other industries.

Get away from electro-magnetic waves to avoid contracting brain tumor and cancer.
For those who use mobile phone frequently are prone to brain tumors.

According to scientists , the main causes of the unhealthy effects are:
1.Electro-magnetic waves emitted from mobile phone;
2.Electro-magnetic waves emitted by home appliances;
3.Electro-magnetic waves emitted by picture tube of computer monitors and television.
I was non-believer to various type of gimmick on Nano Technology until I purchased the genuine product from Air-boom. I was truly satisfied on the Nano Guard . I fixed the Nano Guard to my cell-phone. This little piece of nano guard works wonders in blocking harmful radiation to the brain. Once I used it, although I make a call for more than 40 minutes, it won¡¯t get hot; it really relieves the heat to my ears. Beside, I was experiencing headache, stiff - neck and shoulder pains due to the nature of my work. Ever since I purchased the Nano Necklace, I did not feel anymore pains! WOW, it really works! I also easily get exhausted while doing daily works. Since I¡¯m using the Air-Boom strirer,I can feel that my body stays fresh and active most of the time. No longer had feeling tired easily. This product is highly recommended to anyone no matter young or old. I would definitely recommend AIR-BOOM to my friends.Thanks to Air-Boom in inventing a product which proven effective
之前,每当我用手机讲电话的时候,时间大约半个钟后,我的耳朵像有一支针刺进我的耳朵里面,使到我耳朵、眼睛和头都很痛不能再讲下去,我朋友介绍我用Nano Guard之后,我现在讲一个钟多也不会有这些问题了。Thanks! May Thien,Bintulu
我晚上睡觉时落枕,头往右转时,脖子就觉得疼痛,所以做工时,只能用眼睛作扫描动作很辛苦。 到下午,忽然想到 Sibu Ah Joe 老板之前介绍给我贴在手机上,以防止辐射的nano guard是项远红外线产品,理论上应该能帮我舒缓疼痛才对。就放下工作直接回家取得剩下的一片贴在颈部与肩膀之间的疼痛点。嘻。。。到晚上,效果立刻显现,头能右转啦!之后,我再次闪到腰部,因为有此经验,我在晚上睡觉前,再次把nano guard贴到腰下的疼痛点,第二天起身,真的又好了。所以别轻看小小的一片nano guard,它的效果真的会令人惊讶哟!
I seldom promote and to be a witness to any product. This product intro by my colleague and it really help me a lot. All the while I used to make a call using handset for few hours per each calling. I felt my ears fever and uncomfortable to it. My friend intro air boom to me and he teach me to attach the air boom to my handset and it really reduce the fever about 70 percents. Thanks air boom to save my healthy.
Regards, d k tiong
由于我的两个孩子每天晚上都会在不同的时间醒来喝牛奶,因此每个晚上我都得起身至少四次,为的是要泡牛奶给他们喝。这也导致上班族的我每天下午回到家就累得非立刻倒下睡觉休息不可。奇妙的事情就在我戴上NANO GUARD 之后发生了。我不但工作时精力充沛,下午回家我也不觉得累了,更不需要睡觉时间了。这样我还可省下睡觉时间来做家务了!真是太好了!孩子的妈妈们,这可是我们的无价之宝啊!!!
几天前,我姐拿了几片NANO GUARD 给我。我只是以随便试试看的心态而将它放在手提电脑上!由于我的工作常要用到电脑。很多时候会使我感到眼花缭乱,头还不时不时会疼痛!当我姐再次问我有什么感觉时,我才发觉最近头痛的烦脑都没来找过我!我才惊觉它的能力!!哇!真是看不到却可感觉得到! 不信的话,一试便可感受到了
Hi, I've back pain problem for many years and I'm depend on medication to solve my problem, the pain can make me get up midden of the night. Until this year on May 09 one of my uncle borrow me one piece of air-boom when I went visiting him at Sabah, I try it on my back and it really solve the pain, I purchase 2 piece of air-Boom 1 is to put at by back every night and 1 near to my heart. I've also purchase 2 piece of Ion NanoGuard 1 is use to charge my drinking water and 1 I use it on my hand-phone I don't feel the heat from my hand-phone anymore. I felt murch better now. Thanks to Air-boom.
Tony Leong
我怀孕7个月,这段时间我的背部酸痛不堪。时常严重到在公司不能工作。最近我把nano guard贴在背部坐着工作。神奇的功效出现了,它竟然减轻了我许多痛楚。它让我感觉好多了,非常感谢nano energy. (Mdm Fan, Kuching)
Hello Everyone! I am Koh Kia Soon, ID # MY 10808 from Miri, Sarawak. I am a silver member in Nano for few weeks. In Nano products, I have felt the Nano-guard. I am a person which is always using mobile phone. I was faced a problem with mobile phone which is ‘LOW BATTERY’ & I felt my ears are hot everytime each calls.So after I stick the nano guard on my mobile phone, I can feel that my mobile phone can have longer usage on the battery & now with Nano Guard I don’t feel hot anymore on my ears! Thanks to nano! I will continue to introduce nano’s product to everyone
Koh Kia Soon
During early april, I bought 1 box nanoguard from my aunty who came back from tawau to sibu, she told me that those nanoguard contained more than 4000 energy which can prevent radiation. I trust what she said. Sometimes before, I used to have headache when I use my handphone to call friend or relatives, now I can feel that my headache become less and less. Luckly I had bought the nanoguard and I also use to stick on my tv and husband handphone too. Thank you airboom
Ho Lin Lin
My wife bought 6 pcs of nanoguard from her relative coming back from tawau ( mdm nge) we were told that the nanoguard got energy and could prevent radiation , so that we wont have many health problem in future. In order to save more medical expenses , so she tested on the handphone and radio. Before sticking on the handphone which was brought near to the radio, the sound of the radio is disturbed and could not heard clearly. But after the nanoguard is sticked on, the voice from the radio can be heard more clearly. My headache also disappeared when the nanoguard was sticked to the handphone later.
Thank you airboom
Mr Goh Chu Shing
我本身有手脚麻痹,我老婆把airboom放在水桶里面,我也不懂水桶里面有什么,就去冲凉了。出来后的2个小时后,我发觉到我全身有气泡在跑,我开始感觉的很奇怪。过后,我继续去冲了几天,我觉得奇怪的事是,我的手脚不会麻痹了。我开始相信了,就把nano guard贴在水瓶,每天饮用能量水。我觉得身体好多了。所以,谢谢airboom的发明人,让我改善了多年的不适。(Mr. Yeo, my32030)
My wife bought me a nanoGuard, so I used it to stick on my handphone. Usually I have headache when I using handphone too long. After I stick the nanoGuard on my handphone and whenever how long I used the h/p, I did not feel headache anymore.
Thank you for nanoGuard.
Mr Chin Chong Min
我丈夫因工作的关系,需要长时间使用手提电话,所以常常感到头痛。我一直在寻找有关可以帮他减轻痛楚的附加品。在友人的介绍下,我让他试用了nanoguard,效果果然惊人。体力和精神都改变了。现在我家中的每一个成员的手机上都有一片nanoguard, 还转介绍给了不少朋友。好的东西需要跟人分享吧!
今天,我接到了从美里来到的朋友电话,说约我再KFC见面,我就出来了,因为老朋友一定是有什么好看头的。当我到时,老朋友什么都没说,就拿出一张笑笑得plastic的东西说可以防电话辐射,我才不信。那么以我们所致,当我们开车时如有来电的话一定会干扰到车内的收音机,那就证明是手机的辐射在作怪,那我就拿了一片去试试,哇噻!!!有用喔,我只是把那小小张的nano-guard贴在我的手机,特地放在收音机前试试,一试真的可以防辐射,收音机没被干扰,这一试,让我对此产品深感兴趣了,nano-guard 收集防辐射,是你我唯一的选择。
我和我太太脱发的问题已经很多年了。我朋友宝财叫我把nano guard 贴在冲凉的洒花出口处,把冲出来的水变为能量水。从那之后,我们的脱发问题有了大大改善。后来,我airboom穿在项链上,心脏的跳动感即有加速,感觉在疏通我的心脏血管。另外,冲凉以前要很长的时间才能将泡沫清洗干净,现在用了能量水,冲凉清洗的时间不需要很多遍了,省水、环保又健康。