Nano Ring for Men 前列腺负离子环

Prostatitis is often described as an infection of the prostate. It can also be an inflammation with no sign of infection. Just 5% to 10% of caser are caused by bacterial infection.

It does nor raise the risk of getting prostate cancer.
Prostatitis can affect men of all ages. According to the National Institutes of Health, Prostatitis may account for up 25% of all office visits for complaints involving the genital and urinary systems from young and middle-aged men.

In fact, chronic Prostatitis (which means it doesn't go away) is the number-one reason men under the age 50 visit a urologist.

In some cases, chronic prostatitis follows an attack of acute prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis may also be related to other urinary tract infections.

The primary symptom of chronic infectious prostatitis is usually repeated bladder infection. Prostatitis is considered  chronic if it lasts more that three months.
Function of Nano Ring
1. Improve of blood circulation
2. Active cells, genital and nervous system.
3. Strengthen the function of bladder, genital and urinary system.
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