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Finger joint pain
Source: western suburbs of Shanghai Orthopaedic Hospital
Finger joint pain is joint pain in the name of a single disease. By the joint itself or caused by systemic diseases.

Finger joint pain is a natural articular cartilage damage and aging. Arranged along the articular cartilage is the material, it can prevent the friction of the bone ends together, and let the joint synovial fluid in a state of full freedom of movement. Light a long time, getting the old age, the body's cartilage is worn, exposed bones, fingers, knees, neck, etc. with the joints and joint activities by friction when pain, swelling, stiffness (morning stiffness), there are sound the. In addition, the time when we aging body produces its own type II glial bone (collagen) and the ability of glucose amino glycans declining, only add direct bone glial type II (collagen) and calcium, can continue to recover and rebuild , regenerate articular cartilage and connective tissue, to prevent its degradation, maintaining its integrity, bone reconstruction due to activities not essential to make joint friction and pain.

Finger joint pain manifested mainly by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint injury, arthritis, tuberculous arthritis and febrile diseases caused by joint pain, swelling, inflammation and activity blocked, functional disabilities. Light activities were affected due to pain and sleep, severe cases seriously affect the working and living cuisine.

These diseases cause joint pain, multiple violations, involving or injury to the knee, spinal cord, shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, also affected to a finger or toe joints, no matter which joint involvement, were brought to the patient suffering pain . Common joint pain, rheumatic where the Duocheng migratory, and some mild swelling; if not treated early, often in violation of the heart, later developed into rheumatic heart disease; where rheumatoid, and to hand, wrist, ankle, metatarsophalangeal joint involvement up, the incidence joints red, swollen, hot, pain significantly, advanced the cause to the development of joint deformity, stiffness serious obstacle to the activity.

Age of onset more than 20 to 45 years old, female piece 3 times higher than that of men; that where injury (twisted, fell, fell, hit, hitting, etc.) impact on the joints are, the lighter skin irritation, and might cause ligament tear, dislocation or fracture, rupture, can bring the injured to this injury is severe joint pain; any systemic fever, infection or connective tissue diseases, can be involved, affecting the joints, often cause joint and muscle pain. All joint pain, whether caused by the injuries which, in the hospital until they were discharged before or after treatment, the general family therapy can be handled as follows: Where the finger joint pain caused by trauma, should local disinfection and then quickly wrap fixed trauma. Twist the joints, fell, fell, hit, bruised and which do not nonintact only red, purple, swelling, pain, could the cold compress immediately (with ice packs, ice or cold water soaked towel, etc.), to prevent continued bleeding and to swelling and relieve pain.

To do damage in the joint processing, where body and pointed toe joints Flaw shall be managed to physically raise the affected area. Return to the blood, reduce swelling and pain.