AirBoom Ion Air Freshener




AirBoom Monitoring on Fridge



Minimum 10% saving

- KWH saved over 14 days
- Before = 05.39kwh
- After = 04.83kwh
- SAVED = 0.56kwh
- $ saved over 14 days
- Before = 1.17
- After = 1.05
- SAVED = 0.12

AirBoom Ion Air Freshener Chip is just clip onto car , office/house fan and airĖcond blower (as shown on the pictures) to delivering clean and fresh air. This is an ideal companion for enjoying fresh air while you are driving, working in the office or stay and relax at home. AirBoom Ion Air Freshener Chip is delivering millions of negative ions into air and benefits you as follow:

1. Remove / neutralize the odor in the air effectively
2. Increase oxygen level in the air
3. Neutralize positive ion in the air
4. Increase air humidity / moisture
5. Prevent morning wake up bad breath
6. Prevent sensitive noise and improve breathing system
The main function of anion
The main function of anion: anion has sedative, hypnotic, analgesic, cough, itching, urination, increased appetite, lowering blood pressure effect. For example, after thunderstorms, the air of negative ions increased, people feel comfortable. In the air-conditioned room, because of the air purifying negative ions through a series of air-conditioning and ventilation ducts long after the disappearance of almost all the people in which the long-term stay will feel chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue, decreased work efficiency and health condition.
More Info About Ionic Air / Negative Ions
Ionic Air Purifier, Negative Ion Generator and Air Ionizer are the synonymous terms that are used for the devices that clean and energize the indoor air by mainly producing millions of negative ions. Negative Ions are charged particles that are discharged by the Air Ionizer into the indoor air. When in the air, ions bond together with the floating pollutants and take them out of the breathing space making the air pure, fresh and healthy.
我本身是个喜欢喝酒的人,我喝完酒之后,车上往往留下很重的酒味,经过ERIC的介绍,我买了两片AIR-BOOM,其中一片放在车上的冷气出口处。放了AIR-BOOM之后,很奇妙的酒味消失了。前一阵子我去了中国以及澳洲旅行,回来之后感觉很累,当天坐在椅子上,突然左脚开始麻痹了,整整一个月不曾好转,又经过ERIC提醒,要我把AIR-BOOM放在裤袋中,或许能帮我解决问题,结果三天后便很奇妙的好了。当它一而再再而三的帮助你时,你就不得不相信它!虽然这种看起来不起眼的东西,没有人会去注意到他,也往往会把这些东西给忘记,比如说我,之前我也不是很相信这个产品的,明明身边就有一片多余的AIR-BOOM,但是却没有想过要把他带在身上,因为不知道它可以提升你的抵抗力。但当它真的发生在你身上时,你就就会感受到他的奥秘。Eric (Selangor)
我是来自台湾的林镰鉎,在汶莱居住有40多年,在3年前曾患过轻微的中风,有三天不能正常行动,从中央医院移到遮鲁东专科医院,才逐渐好转。但我在吃医生开的处方药时,右手掌心常常感到麻痹,时不时的要甩动我的右手掌。从我认识air-Boom,改善了我的右手掌,还带着许多好处,让我一一叙述。我在睡觉多的时候常常发出很大的鼻鼾声,自从我把一片air-Boom搁在胸口。有天我与我的PG去KL,当天晚上我与他同房间,突然发现我没有了鼻鼾声,感到很惊奇,听到了我的细述,他也成了我的下线。再来,air-Boom会给我们负离子,能量,远红外线。我放一片air-Boom在冷气房,一片在车里的air-filter,一条twister在进汽油有的汽油管,它真的有替我省了许多燃油。我还放了一片在水通好方便洗澡。刷牙,洗脸都用这个水。air-Boom的好处真的很多,只有用过他的人才能体会到。在这里我要谢谢Mr.Soon,David Cheng 文進,Anna介绍这么好的东西给我。物有所值,air-Boom真的太神奇了!!我很高兴能够拥有它!! 汶莱:林镰鉎
Well, Iíve been doing sales in the past one and half years. My companyís core business is trading of goods and products. I came to know a lot of product knowledge from this company as we deals with marine & industrial, wood engineering, and electrical automation products. One day, a close friend of mine introduce me this air-boom which aroused my curiosity regarding this product. One of the product I tested out was the air-boom which i placed at my air-con blower, and indeed after that, I started to feel much fresher every morning when I get up to work. I felt more energetic at work. Besides that, I tried placing it at my car air-con blower. It helps to kill the sweat smell from my car. For those who havenít tried this product. Please do!! It really work wonders!!!
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