Nano Sole Pad 负离子足垫


O-leg in medicine known as genu varum,commonly known as "bandy legs", "bow-shaped legs," "baskets legs." Refers to the knee Department, leg inward rotation of the tibia at an angle, so called "knee various."
AirBoom insole correction principle: the lateral correction insole high, inside low, daily wear, in walking, standing, can give an outward rotation of leg strength, so as to achieve to improve the role of O-type legs. Also can prevent bad posture due to go, resulting in the increase and the formation of O-type legs.
In addition, wearing AirBoom orthopedic insoles can also strengthen the medial lower leg muscles, so that even well-proportioned legs, appear to be more direct, reducing the width of the hip, so that the legs appear more slender, more sexy! Put on a high inside and low outside AirBoom orthopedic insoles, leg lateral force increases, lower leg external rotation will be to achieve the correction of O-shaped legs, followed by the inversion, the effect of varus knee.

Usage: as long as the mat in the shoes inside, everyday wear when walking and standing, you can play a role in correction. Do not need to specifically take the time, simply save trouble. When you will feel more comfortable wearing. In addition, the role of leg muscles more obvious and direct, able to quickly solve the O-leg play asymmetrical leg muscle problem. In addition, AirBoom corrective insole presumptuous a large number of negative ions and far outside, effectively improve the heel blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, numbness and swelling. But also to achieve anti-bacterial deodorizing functions.