在我国现存最早的医学专著《黄帝内经》中就有记载。后经隋唐、宋、元、明、清发展至今,拍打疗法已建立了独特而完整的体系,成为养生三法之一。它依据中医学的治病原理,通过拍打穴位来协调人体阴阳对立统一的关系,更重要的是它可以激活气血,打通经络,从而达到医疗疾病的目的。由于拍打疗法操作简便,容易学习,并且疗效显著,所以它不仅在中医界被广泛应用,还渐渐走入了普通家庭,成为深受百姓的喜爱的绿色疗法。拍打健身法 :它集针炙、按摩、放血疗法为一体 通过拍打可以通经活络、强筋壮骨、发达肌肉、活动关节,促进血液循环, 增强新陈代谢、提高身体抗病能力,强身健体, 延缓衰老的作用. 拍打为什能治病? 为什么拍打皮肤? 拍打到底疼不疼? 为什么拍打可以排毒?
Pai Da Training Course @ Singapore on 11 Feb 2012


拍打效果- 腿部静脉曲张





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Pai Da therapy has a long history
In China the oldest medical book "King Emperor" in there records. After the Sui and Tang after the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing development so far, Pai Da therapy has established a unique and complete system, to become one of the triple regimen.

It is based on the healing principles of Chinese medicine, acupuncture points by Pai Da the human body to coordinate the relationship between the unity of opposites yin and yang, more importantly, it can activate the blood circulation, enhance the meridians system, so as to achieve the purpose of medical effect.

As the Pai Da theraphy treatment is simple, easy to learn, and a significant effect, so it is not only widely used in Chinese medicine, but also gradually into the ordinary family, and voted as a popular and people's favorite green treatment. Pat fitness method: it combines acupuncture, massage, Guasha bloodletting as one can pass through Pai Da the meridians, strengthening sinews and bones, well-developed muscles, joint activities, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, increase body resistance to diseases, physical fitness, and anti-aging effect. Please find out more Why Pai Da can cure?

Why must Pai Da on the skin? Its hurt when Pai Da in the end? How Pai Da can detoxification?

  Great Result of AirBoom Ion Pai Da Therapy Detoxification
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